Fit Box’s Mission is the most comprehensive, non-intimidating, health and wellness package available for women on the market today.  FitBox contains everything you need to get healthier, motivated, and more mindful of how to live your life while making daily choices that are focused on wellness.

What’s in a Fit Box

  • Included are Journals for accountability that will be available on line for Social media interactive support. Social media applications allow for interactive support 24 hours a day from other FitBox members.
  • Shopping lists that detail exactly what to buy and NOT buy in a grocery store.
  • Protein sample packs to promote our product


  • Accountability Journal
  • Shopping List
  • Recipe Booklet
  • Supplement Guide
  • Progress Chart
  • Restaurant Guide
  • Shannon’s 7 Secrets
  • Nutrition and Mindfulness


Fit box contains 8 different videos. They include;

  • 1 Ab Workout With Shannon Leroux
  • 5 High intensity interval workouts With Shannon Leroux
  • Proper gym etiquette, strength training and machine usage for women By Shannon Leroux
  • 1 Fusion DVD featuring Sky Bowan

Other Features

  • Strong supportive on-line community
  • On-line Version available for purchase or for download
  • State of the art website with interactive member supported/Driven community. (e.g. www.stephencovey.com)
  • Protein samples – on-line ordering
  • Fat Burner/Cutting Edge Cortisol Blocker (Sample Included)
  • Weekly on-line weigh in 50 things you can change to lose 10 pounds in 6 months; without even trying.